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XNameX brittany

XAgeX sixteen

XSexX hermaphadite slash gorgeous female

XSexualityX(dosent much matter,just for curioustiys sake) pansexual

XLocationX the wastelands ~ san antonio texas

XTop Five MoviesX fifth element<3requriem for a dream<3to wong foo thanks for everything love julie newmare<3 romeo+juliet<3nightmare before christmas<3

XWhat Can You Bring To The CommunityX good make up, fashion, and hair advice. because people envy my style.

XHobbiesX brent... oh oops!<3 doing my make up<3 making falls<3drawing<3sewing<3dying my hair<3dying others' hair<3

XFavorite Concert Attended(if you've never been to one then dont bother applying)X  hmmm.. 12step rebels. it would of been skinny puppy, but of course.. had noone to go with, noone likes my music taste :( but thats because everyone elses sucks!

XTop Five BandsX skinny puppy<3 kmfdm<3 velvet acid christ<3 ohgr<3 throbbing gristle<3 front242<3 suicide commando<3 the tear garden<3 and sooo many more. my music taste is pimp.

XFave LyricsX * a place where lonelyness is tackled with a kiss, a kiss that has no ropes no strings, no obligations, i dont owe you, be quite sure, you dont own me * ~ in search of my rose (thats the title of the song)

XAtleast One PictureX(i want to see just how glamourus you are<3)




well thats me. 100% synthetic beauty.

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